When fall comes around, lawns tend to become neglected. People who paid great attention to detail with their lawn all summer have now become overwhelmed with seasonal activities (and sometimes even seasonal allergies). But with Advantage Green Lawn and Pest Solutions as your lawn care provider, we are here to tell you that fall turf still requires some TLC, just like it does in the warm-season. However, the tips and tricks to keeping up with your turf in the fall may look similar to what happens in the summer, but they are for different reasons. They may even have different effects.

Follow along throughout this blog to learn three ways to prepare your lawn for fall and winter.

Late-Season Fall Fertilization

When the rain just won’t go away, many people stay inside and don’t realize that their turf is suffering without an extra boost. Rain won’t be enough to keep your turf healthy for the entirety of the fall season. A late-season fertilizer can really change the way your lawn holds up in the fall, and even going into the winter. By choosing to fertilize your turf, it will have the energy and nutrients it needs to say healthy all cool-season, so this is an important step that we preach to our clients.

Cutting Your Lawn is Not Optional

A little-known fact is that the perfect height for a continuously healthy lawn is between 2.5 inches and 3 inches. There are two reasons for this. One is that if your turf is shorter than that sweet spot, it may not be able to withstand the winter weather that comes along throughout the progression of the cool-season. On the other hand, if property owners allow their turf to grow taller than the standard 3 inches, it is more prone to developing issues like lawn disease and even lawn fungi. By ensuring that your grass is clear and cut down to the sweet spot height, it will be more likely to stay healthy and full all season long.

Keeping Your Turf Clear 

The build-up of leaves is unfortunately terrible for your lawn’s health, and we highly recommend keeping them clear throughout the season to ensure optimal health. When your turf is covered by the leaves of trees and other fall debris, it lacks the ability to receive the natural daylight it needs to keep itself alive and well. Additionally, all the natural moisture that comes from rainfall will be trapped within the fallen leaves and kept away from the turf, which will eventually dehydrate your turf and create a negative effect. The best option to ensure health is to keep turf clear every time there is a build-up of leaves!

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