When your garden and lawn have been perfected, the last thing you want are insects swarming your beautiful work. After putting so much effort into the health, wellness, and aesthetic of your lawn and garden, you will want to take every precaution to implement effective pest control. No one wants creepy insects roaming around their yard, nonetheless the ones that specifically target your garden. 

Keeping your garden safe from things like the grubs, various stink bugs, multiple different types of beetles, and many others can have a significant effect on how your garden and lawn bloom as the season progresses into a hot summer. It’s essential to gain as much knowledge as possible on these insects, so there’s a chance to protect your plants proactively.

Have you ever wondered which bugs are specifically targeting your newly spruced up garden? It could be an insect as simple as a mosquito, tick, or flea. Alternatively, it could be something more detrimental to your newly planted and fertilized flowers, trees, and shrubs. If you are ready to take action against these pests, keep reading to learn how. 

Bugs That Attack Your Garden and Lawn

The Chinch Bug

Your lawn may appear to be yellowing, signaling that it is beginning to die. This particular  bug will suck the nutrients right out of the soil under your grass and leave behind harmful chemicals that will never allow your lawn to recover. 

To fix this damage, normally, the only option is to reseed your lawn and replenish the nutrients it needs to regrow and be sustainable. 

The Cicada

When this damaging pest lays eggs in loose small branches in your trees — this will cause them to fall from your trees and land in your yard. After, the eggs will then hatch and go underneath your lawn, into the roots and soil, causing damage that can last for years.

This whole unpleasant and damaging process can be avoided by stopping the issue before the hatching of the eggs. Keeping up your yard by cleaning up the loose twigs and branches regularly can be your number one preventative measure to stop the cicada in its tracks. 

Preventative Measures

Make yourself aware of each pest that could be targeting your lawn and garden as you read this. Then, actively work towards a sustainable pest control solution. Doing these things is one of the best preventative measures you can take to save your beloved garden from being invaded by creatures this season.

Some of the best preventative measures include eliminating standing water, using bug repellent when you go outside, and using spray insect repellent to keep your plants protected. Preventive measures can be your best friend because it’s better to have a problem stopped before it starts. No one wants to try and fix a garden or lawn that has already been damaged. 

When to Ask Advantage Green Lawn & Pest Solutions for Assistance

It might be hard for a property owner to identify either pest. It’s possible the pests might not even be noticeable until the damage is done to your garden and lawn. To prevent this, Advantage Green Lawn and Pest Solutions is here to ensure that your pest control needs are always taken care of. 

To reach us for help, you can visit our contact page. If you’d like to reach us the old fashioned way, we are available by phone at (352) 480-0702 as well. You can also find us on social media on Facebook. We’re here to take care of your pest needs to protect your garden and lawn.

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