The year is almost over but that doesn’t mean your lawn care responsibilities end too. One of the drawbacks of living in a state where we don’t get the harsh winters of the north is that we have to tend to our yards year-round. Here are some tips to help you get through the winter months.

Slow Down on Watering

In the winter the sun is less intense which means less evaporation. If you continue to water as you did in the summer it could mean water is staying on your grass longer. This can promote fungus and disease. In the winter, it is recommended you water your lawn only once every couple of weeks or as needed.

Stop Fertilizing

The best time to fertilize your grass in Florida is around September to October. Most grass in Florida is warm-season grass, which means it grows best in the heat of summer. In the winter it slows down and fertilizing can actually damage your grass. 


Even though fertilizers won’t work in the winter, overseeding can achieve the same results. Overseeding with cold-season grasses can actually make your grass more tolerant to the cold weather. Cool-season grasses, like ryegrass, grow well in cooler temperatures and can take over for your warm-season grasses in the winter. In the summer, your cool-season grasses will slow down and be replaced by your warm-season grass.

Apply Dormant Oil to Trees

We think of trees as strong and invincible but insects are the number one tree killer in the country. Winter is a good time to check in on our trees and make sure they are healthy and strong. One way of protecting your trees from insect infestations is with an application of dormant oil. Dormant oil is a substance that is sprayed on the bark of your trees. It coats all the overwintering insects and their eggs and prevents them from being a problem in the spring.

Run a Maintenance Check on Your Lawn Mower

Your lawnmower does the bulk of the work for you during the growing season. From hauling to mowing, you rely on your mower for quite a lot.

Now is the time to maintain your mower and make sure it’s running ok.

  • Check the Oil: Check your oil levels regularly and change it if it’s black or dirty.
  • Sharpen Blades: Dull blades can rip and tear the grass giving it a jagged look.
  • Change The Spark Plug: Old spark plugs can affect how the engine runs. Replace the spark plug every season or 100 hours of use.

Mosquito Control

The weather in Florida attracts people from all over the country. Unfortunately, humans and mosquitoes both love warm weather. While most of the country gets a break from these blood-suckers for a few months, we are stuck with them. Mosquitoes can remain active until temperatures drop below 50 degrees, which rarely happens in our area. We may be stuck with mosquitoes but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. If you just eliminate all the standing water in your yard you can significantly drive down the number of mosquitoes that will annoy you. Check gutters, ditches, toys, lawn furniture, and flower pots.

Call The Pros at Advantage Green

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